Beautiful views, an exciting track and some changes.

The addition of more natural elements to the bikepark-style track in Leogang, has resulted in a technically challening track. The race was super fast and super hard. Crashes were, unfortunately, not uncommon in training.

Tracey Hannah raced to an outstanding 3rd place, with just 4 seconds seperating the leaders. She is on top of her fitness and eagerly looking ahead to the next rounds. “…I´m ready to go fast…“

The whole team around felt the same.”It´s going in the right direction.” Mick Hannah, being not absolutely happy with the result, said it was a good weekend to gain confidence. Alexandre Fayolle was of the same mind.

The Voul Voul Racing Team was positively surpised and more than happy with the track changes. Crashes meant the results were not completely satisfying and left a feeling of unfinished business amongst the team.

Marine Cabirou just missed the top 10, after a hard crash in Friday’s training left her with an injured arm. Still a solid result.