Tracey Hannah remains world cup leader going into the final round

Prior to the final world cup in Europe of the 2019 season, we spent a day testing with Mick Hannah.
Performing at the highest level in world cup races requires a lot of testing. We work continuously on developing our products and took this opportunity to collect some data before we got all set up and ready for European finale in Lenzerheide.
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Over the past few years, Lenzerheide has usually been super hot and dry, another reminder to bear the uncontrollable variables in mind, such as the weather.

We returned to a rainy, foggy swiss track with more mixed weather to come. Some changes had been made to the track to last year and riders, both XC and DH, were busy testing and finding the right lines to pick up speed. Lenzerheide is known for incredibly tight time gaps come race day. It dried up on Friday which made it even more challenging when riders woke up to rain and fog for saturday’s DH final which mixed things up, again.
Tracey was incredibly consistent and reached her goal, playing it safe and focusing on keeping the overall lead without risking too much, she finished second.

On the XC field it was a tough weekend with Max Brandl still feeling the effects of his crash in Val di Sole, while still managing to finish 15th. Our two consistent top 25 riders Georg Egger and Luca Schwarzbauer also had a tough day in the office with finishing top 50 but are looking forward to the last push for the 2019 race season.