Christmas Message

It’s Advent, and SR Suntour-Claus has his sleeves rolled up; he’s on the annual mission, but this year feels different.


For the likes of you and me, it’s a time for taking a breather and looking back over the year gone by. Recalling and sharing favourite moments, possibly with an eye on the year ahead.

There’s no such luxury for SR Suntour-Claus however, who is working full-throttle on all your 2020 wish-lists.

First on the list is our new EQ Air System in the Durolux and Axon. Let SR Suntour-Claus show you for himself:

The bicycle business in exploding with new products and new paths every year. We are excited to be sharing in this evolution with you, and our greater cycling community. Bicycles continue to benefit peoples’ lives on broader spectrums while innovation leads us towards greater efficiencies for society. Mobility and transportation solutions are intertwined with bicycles and these advents of better technologies.

At SR Suntour we take great pride in our involvement in the evolution of cycling through of philosophy of Refined Simplicity. Creating products with the highest Value Performance possible while keeping in line with Quick Service Product (QSP) standards is as important now than ever with more product innovation required to fit the emerging demands of the Electric Bike markets that span from urban commuter needs to World Cup racing.

This is an exciting and meaningful time in the history of cycling, a driving force in why we at SR Suntour love what we do. We are grateful for your support and your individual contributions to our incredible industry.

Reflecting on the many fine moments of 2019, a true standout accomplishment of the year was the UCI World Cup Elite Women’s Downhill Overall Title victory of Tracey Hannah. Her perseverance through an incredibly challenging and competitive year was beyond impressive for us all to witness. Tracy and the entire UR Polygon Team worked hard throughout the year with the SR Suntour Factory Mechanics to refine tuning to each course and unique conditions for the greatest traction and confidence possible. Congratulations, Tracey! To see more about her Overall Title win from Snowshoe, West Virginia follow the link below:,3102

From all of us at SR Suntour, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best in the New Year. We look forward to seeing and working with you all in 2020.

With Cheer,
Your SR Suntour Team