Hans “No Way” Rey on board!

SR SUNTOUR is honored to welcome mountain bike legend Hans “No Way” Rey to our WERX Family! Hans is a multi-time national and world champion in mountain bike trials and a true pioneer of the sport.

Currently Hans’ focus is on his Urban Adventure series; after exploring many remote corners of the world in the past decades, he is now intrigued by cities that are surrounded by incredible nature and trails, the contrast between nature and harmony, and urban jungle and cultures. Also perfectly suited for his passion for ebikes. He takes riders from other disciplines and even other sports and journeys to capture the cultural and spiritual qualities of his destinations and shows them off to millions of TV, video and publication viewers. To date he has ridden in over 70 countries and has become one of the most recognized mountain bikers on earth.

Hailing originally from Germany, Hans splits his time between travelling the world and Laguna Beach, California. While not riding Hans (along with his wife Carmen) formed the Wheels 4 Life Charity which has donated over 14,000 bikes to people in need of transportation in developing countries. Carmen and Hans Rey believe that something as simple as a bicycle can have a profound and life changing positive effect on someone’s life.

Hans’ reach extends far beyond the cycling world. He’s been featured on TV shows, movies and talk shows throughout the world. Hans “No Way” Rey is one of the most recognizable mountain bikers of all time.

“I am very aware of SR SUNTOUR’s long heritage in BMX and MTB – as a matter of fact I used to run SR and SUNTOUR parts and stickers on my number plates when I first started riding in the early eighties. From my first test ride last year, I was very impressed by the performance of the SR SUNTOUR suspension line. I’m proud to be part of a such a motivated and innovative brand.”

Many new adventures and possibilities await with Hans as an SR SUNTOUR athlete and ambassador and we are stoked to begin the journey. Hans is currently riding the new DUROLUX36 EQ fork and TRIAIR on his trail bike and will ride the latest and greatest SR SUNTOUR suspension products on his other bikes.