It was a hot weekend in the beautiful Alpe d´Huez mountains, with everyone super keen to get racing again.

For the first time in 25 years, there was no Megavalanche in Alpe d'Huez and no Mass-Start from the Pic Blanc Glacier at 3300m. Whatsmore, the global COVID19 crisis had forced the organization committee to cancel and replace it with the Maxiavalanche.

The Maxiavalanche races are based on the same rules and concept as the Megavalanche, but on a shorter track, with about 15km and 1000 to 1500m descent (while the Mega is more than 20km long and 2500m of descent), and the race involves two runs. In other words, two starts, two races, two changes of leaderboards, and twice the fun!

Hugo Pigeon from SCOTT SR SUNTOUR ENDURO TEAM, climbed to the 3rd step of the podium after a superb performance in the mixed start.