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Updated version of the popular SP17-NCX suspension post.
  • specs
    dia. 31.6, 30.9 w/ 25mm setback
    Hard spring, soft spring, black & silver finish, optional safety cover
    Parallelogram system
    Suspension system
    Internal Coil with preload adjust/Stainless steel bushing parallelogram
  • service

Ride the flying carpet

The hardtail is still the weapon of choice when it comes to simple and efficient tarmac traveling. However, the more often, the longer and the faster you go, the comfort of our NCX seat post might be key to take you to the next level enjoyment. With its parallelogram construction, the NCX seat post efficiently buffers unpleasant hits. Offering 50mm of travel, two different spring rates, easy preload adjust and stainless steel bushings, the NCX seat post is your versatile long-term solution for the flying carpet feeling.


  • Preload adjust
  • Black & silver finish available
  • Spare springs hard/soft available
  • Optional safety cover
  • Seat clamp
  • Seat post dia ø27.2 / ø30.9 / ø31.6 
  • Stainless Steel bushing
  • 50mm travel
  • Seat post length in 350mm and 400mm