Foto / Video Story

  • The mine.

    Welcome to the (new) Mine, a concept developed by Pierre Edouard Ferry, Anthony Rocci Louis Reboul and Nicolas Terrier.

    Video and Words by Rémy Vroonen, Analog and Digital Photography by Hoshi Yoshida.

The noise is getting louder each step you take towards the Mine. As you go you realise it is the pickaxes and shovels working hard to extract the coal. You’re right, but this was a hundred years ago in 1917.  At that time they extracted a record of 390 000 tonnes of anthracite. The miners are no longer here to search for anthracite, but now they move the earth to shape the ground for big jumps. And what about the noise? This is simply the guys laughing out loud as they’re always having a blast. As Louis said “Hey, it’s crazy here, we are hearing nothing other than everyone shouting and laughing out loud all the time!”

Welcome to the (new) Mine, a concept developed by Pierre Edouard Ferry, Anthony Rocci Louis Reboul and Nicolas Terrier.

When the three men were living a couple of kilometres away from the mine, the idea about riding there came into their minds.  They thought it could be a great mix of freeride and slopestyle. Inspired by the Fest Series they started to dig and shape the ground of the old mine. They shaped the terrain during three hard weeks. Since then, the terrain is evolving constantly following their imagination.

At the first sight the lines are mixing up all together. When the three riders are starting to coordinate themselves, it looks like a symphony coming from every side. It creates dynamic shots between scrubs and stylish airtime. The intensity grows up progressively until they reach all together on the big finish jump.

As the image of this little caravan staying there, it shows the simplicity of the spot and familiar ambiance which reigns. Hearing them laughing and having a blast is definitely a good feeling during a shooting.

As Louis, the miner, kept on digging things got deeper. To get higher, he needed a special bike for the Mine. He built a light, single speed, one break, the lightest possible.

Fork : SRSUNTOUR Durolux 36 – 170 mm
Rear shock : SRSUNTOUR Tri-Air – 170 mm
Tires : DH 34 – Michelin
Stem, handelbar, seat, pedals : Burgtec           

An extra expert miner in suspension setting was required as everything was becoming serious. They called in Kevin Allemand.

To improve adherence and grip the mine bike is equipped with the Durolux 36 Equalizer. It’s a new system with two air chambers that equalize each other. It offers a better sensibility while going deeper on the travel.

For the hydraulic part it, has two compression and rebound settings, with both high and low speed available.  It avoids the diving of the fork when braking, and comfort in the roots for example.

Not that any extra comfort is needed here as the terrain is slick.

Louis’ fork is set up at 110 PSI and a closed compression setting for the big impacts.

For the shock it is the Tri-Air at 200 PSI.

Kevin has done a custom setting regarding the hydraulic part, and made the compression valve stronger for the slopestyle use.

All the settings aside, just go out, dig and ride.

The Miners