World Championship - Mont-Sainte-Anne

World Championships being a one day, winner-takes-all event adds an entirely different excitement for the races and the hunt for the coveted Rainbow Jersey.

Mont-Sainte-Anne is a classic venue in mountain biking with both the XCO and DH courses being some of the most challenging on the circuits. This year featured the very first eMtb World Championship race! The world of eMtb, and eMtb racing, is very much evolving. SR Suntour Werx Athlete and Team Manager for Absolute Absalon Racing, Julien Absalon came out of racing retirement to participate, earning himself a Bronze Metal in his 3rd place finish.

The rugged terrain and descending on the XCO course had our XC athletes thankful to be riding the 34mm stanchion Axon Werx fork. Riding 5-7 laps on a course this technically challenging, controlling fatigue and maintaining precise handling is essential for our racers. Standout XC racer, Jordan Sarrou has been consistently on the top-10 this year, and managed to come in 8th place - still a huge accomplishment.

In the DH races, Tracey and Mick Hannah were the top SR Suntour Werx Athletes competing for the Rainbow Jersey. This classic DH course has been well known and respected in DH racing for nearly 30 years. Fast and technical with the variable weather changes through the week had racers extremely focused on every little detail of the track and their suspension setups. For Tracey Hannah, it was important to balance her desire to win the World Championships with strategic planning to ensure her win of the World Cup series title the next week at Snowshoe. Tracey ended up with a respectable 4th place finish on the day, while safely making it to the bottom in good health to focus on the World Cup title.