SR Suntour at Mégavalanche Alpe d'Huez

Last weekend, hundreds of mountainbike riders were competing at the legendary "Mégavalanche Alpe d'Huez". Almost 2600 vertical meters of descending mean that the athletes are put to a test just like their equipment. SR Suntour saw some strong performances by athletes it supports.

As only just a bit over 300 riders are allowed to race the main event on Sunday, riders first have to qualify on a slightly shorter course. Germany's Max Schumann failed to do so due to a flat tire, so he had to compete in Saturday's challenger race. Winning that race lifted Max's mood again, all the more so as another SR Suntour athlete made it to the podium: Jean-Pierre Bruni finished in 3rd overall and won the men's over50 category. In the women's race, Steffi Teltscher crossed the finish line in 24th.

On Bastille Day, the fastest 307 riders from qualifying were lining up atop Pic Blanc at 3300 meters above sea level. As always, the mass start on the glacier was hotly contested. Marco Arnold and Mirco Widmer of the Giant Swiss-SR Suntour team made good use of their experience and endurance, finishing in 13th and 17th respectively in the overall and in 2nd and 4th in the men's senior category. On their first trip to Europe, Kyle Warner and Casey Coffmann of the American Kenda-Felt-SR Suntour team finished in 34th and 111th respectively, while the two Nicolai team riders Falco Dewinski and Wilfred van de Haterd finished in 87th and 88th. The only real disappointment was that Damien Oton had to abandon the race due to a mechanical after having qualified in a strong 2nd position.

Mégavalanche, Sunday: 307 starters
13th overall and 2nd senior category: Marco Arnold, Giant Swiss SR Suntour
17th overall and 4th senior category: Mirco Widmer, Giant Swiss SR Suntour
34th overall and 18th senior category: Kyle Warner, Kenda-Felt USA-SR Suntour 87th overall and 48th senior category: Kevin Dewinski, Gates Nicolai
88th overall and 5th Men over40: Wilfred van de Haterd, Gates Nicolai
111th overall and 20th Men over30: Casey Coffman, Kenda-Felt USA-SR Suntour

Challenger race, Saturday
1st Max Schumann, SR Suntour-Fatmodul Germany (flat in qualifiying)
3rd and winner Men over50: Jean-Pierre Bruni, Giant France-SR Suntour
Women's race, Saturday
24th Steffi Teltscher, Carver France-SR Suntour