Details - SR SUNTOUR Cycling            


50mm, 63mm


It´s classic, reluctant & timeless shape and the tremendous variety of options they offer made these forks the customer´s choice number 1. The comfort & efficiency of our air and coil spring suspension makes traveling urban playgrounds a real pleasure. And most importantly, the reliability and durability of the NCX series is a class of its own, which is the key to success in your daily business.


  • Remote speed lock out
  • Air/coil spring
  • Post 160 and V-Brake mount
  • Integrated lamp mount
  • 30mm A6000 series stanchion
  • 9-100 Dropout, 15QLC32S axle
  • Fender mount under brace, clean look
  • Fender mount
  • Magnesium bottom case