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EDGE LOR8 Trunnion Mount (Archive)

Today´s mountain biking from XC to AllMountain has a staggering array of demands. Sure, all of them in the end have to lead into a distinguished damping performance.

The Inline Answer

Whether pinned on the XC race course or ripping around your rowdy local trails, having reliable rear suspension is essential to success as much as it is to enjoyment. The EDGE PLUS can tackle the nasty rock gardens, let you boost jumps on your favorite flow trail, provide endless traction on those loose corners and then give you maximum efficiency back up to the top so you can do it all over again. Available in most popular sizes the EDGE PLUS has a variety of external adjustments including remote and partial lockouts, compression and rebound damping control, and easily adjustable volume spacing so you can tune the feel to match your bike, weight and riding style.


  • RL-R & LO-R Damper
  • Rebound & compression adjust
  • Air volume spacer adjust
  • LO-R / LO-R8 models are convertable to remote lock out
  • Converted LO-R/8 models are compatible with DUALEVER
  • RC and LO-RC WITH external LS Compression Adjust 
  • RL-R MODEL with Remote Lockout
  • LO-R Model with 100% lock out
  • LO-R8 model with 80% lock out
  • Rider: Fabien Cousinié | Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Rider: Liam Moynihan | Location: Alicante, Spain