PODIUM at the DH World Championships

Three years ago, almost nobody had heard of the private racing team VoulVoul let alone predicting top twenty world championship placings for the RUX fork.

Three years of passionate dedication, meticulous and painstaking work on both sides and an unshakeable belief culminated in the bronze medal for Florent Payet last weekend in Val di Sole in the Men's Elite DH World Championship and 4th place for Marine Cabirou in her first year in Women's Elite.

After Kurt Sorge's legendary Rampage win last year another milestone for the all new RUX R2C2 with PCS!

The dust in Val di Sole has long since settled, the images are still fresh! Enjoy and celebrate the moment with us!


Special congratulations to our engineers and our race support mechanics and of course Marine, Florent, the entire, incredibly fast team and the mastermind Patrice Afflatet.