When it rains it pours.“ Adapting to the uncontrollable variables.

The second half of the race season is in full swing. It's part two.  One constant from off-season to now is the prepartion and atttention to detail which runs through both teams and their athletes.There is a saying; "If it can go wrong, it does go wrong." Without careful planning and preparation successes are harder to come by.But what about the uncontrollable, unexpecetd moments and the factors beyond our control, such as the weather?

The past weekend showed how unpredictable it can get. It started with torrential rain which made the roughest and mentally most demanding DH track on the circuit even harder to tame. Like a snake changing it's skin, the course shed one after another line, appearing in a new guise each time. In fact the only constant over the weekend was change itself. Thanks to the weather, riders had to continuously adapt to ever changing lines. Needless to say, we are proud to be heading into the next round with Tracey Hannah as reigning World Cup leader through her hard earned second place. Jack Reading pulled off a great 7th place in qualifying and managed to stay inside the top 25 on finals day. Consistently getting faster! 

On Sunday the XC field found itself exposed to dry, warm Italian weather.  Mother nature seemed to have emptied her tanks the days before. Although they did not have to deal with thunder and lighting like the downhillers had, the XC track in the Italian valley of the sun was not to be underestimated. Check out the two team videos below for insights.