Set your sag and the Equalizer (EQ) air negative spring system will balance it for you. Our tradition of product evolution brings our forks into a brand new era with our all-new air EQ system. The EQ system perfectly equalizes the rider‘s weight to the spring curve which results in the exact positioning and support you need. This results in a customized feel for each individual rider optimizing sag and volume control. Pairing the EQ system with the external damping adjustments of our PCS cartridges results is a supple coil spring feel in a lightweight, progressive and easy to adjust air spring package. You can set your sag according to your intended riding style and the EQ system will automatically balance it with the right amount of negative spring force helping you to create a precise and effortless tune. The EQ system will improve fork sensitivity of small repetitive bumps while providing plenty of mid-stroke support for those bigger hits resulting in enhanced comfort and performance when riding any kind of terrain.


  • Greater, automatic spring adjustability based
    on the riding style and weight of the rider
  • Improved fork sensitivity for those small but
    fast repetitive bumps
  • Super consistent damping performance
    in tandem with the PCS system
  • Hugo Pigeon from the SCOTT SR SUNTOUR Enduro team finished 1st in his age category and 3rd in the overall ranking at the Maxi Avalanche 2020.
  • Jordan Sarrou, XC World Champ 2020 at the finals in Leogang Austria.
  • Jordan Sarrou, XC World Champ 2020 at the finals in Leogang Austria.
  • Jordan's team mate Titouan Carrod won the bronze medal at the World Championship 2020 in Leogang. Double podium for the AXON34 with EQ Equalizer System.
  • Maxi Avalanche 2020 in the amazing Alpe D'Huez mountains. Three SR SUNTOUR athletes in the leading pack: Remy Absalon followed by Quentin Derbier and Jack Reading in 4th position.
  • Maximilian Brandl at the World Cup 2020 in Nové Mesto, Czech Republic.