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AXON-WERX34 Boost (Archive)

100mm, 110mm, 120mm
Undoubtedly, XC has become technically and physically more demanding over the past years. Races are no longer routinely won on the climbs, to win, you must also be able to descend with the best.


A staple at the front of the pack, the AXON WERX remains a top contender. QSP in XC race terms means owning the confidence to push through both terrain and physical suffering. The AXON WERX has seen success at the highest levels of competition, finding Olympic and World Cup podiums under some of the most impressive athletes in the world. The demands of XC racing are grueling, to succeed requires precision control and performance consistency. The AXON34 WERX Boost is in a league of its own, having a one-piece hollow carbon upper and 34mm stanchions that maximizes stiffness at a proper race weight. The new Air EQ System is perfectly balancing positive and negative air chamber for exact support and excellent performance for each individual rider and weight. The development of the Air EQ System involved long-term testing with our World Cup XC racers – the result is a QSP worthy full air-spring that gives supple small bump compliance while maintaining proper support for every rider throughout the travel. Ascending to 34mm stanchions, the first seen on the World Cup XC circuit, with carbon crowns, travel up to 120mm, along with the Air EQ System, makes the AXON34 WERX Boost a true leader. This is the evolution of Refined Simplicity.



  • PCS – Piston Compensator System
  • Equalizer (EQ) System
  • 34mm A7000 triple butted series
  • Carbon/ Magnesium bottom case
  • Detachable integrated short fender
  • 15QLC2TI 110, 15QLC2TI axle
  • 15x110 boost standard
  • Post mount 160/180 direct
  • Fender mount
  • One-piece hollow carbon upper /
    Hollow forged crown
    LORC, LOR cartridges
  • Air spring
  • GOLD! XCO World Championship title for Jordan Sarrou 2020 in Leogang!
  • Rider: Jordan Sarrou | Location: Leogang, Austria
  • The champions bike is equipped with commercially available suspension products: AXON34 WERX fork and the EDGE RL-R rear shock
  • Rider: Tom Pidcock | Location: XCO World Cup Nové Město, Czech Republic
  • Rider: Maximilian Brandl | Location: XCO World Cup Nové Město, Czech Republic
  • Rider: Léna Gérault | Location: XCO World Cup Nové Město, Czech Republic


  • Carbon Hollow Crown

    Our lightweight forged hollow crown technology brings additional stiffness and keeps the weight down. It is 35 grams lighter than the solid crown. Our new one-piece hollow carbon upper saves again 120 grams towards the forged version.

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  • [Translate to 01 - GERMAN (DE):] PCS SYSTEM

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  • Q-LOC und Steckachsensysteme

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