The ultimate in traction, control and consistency

With over 20 years of refinement, SR Suntour’s Cartridge Science Program has created the most controlled, consistent and functional dampers we’ve ever produced. PCS is a simple and repeatable way of reducing cavitation (air and oil mixing and creating pressure). Less cavitation means more predictable damping performance, and with cartridges being tested to over 200,000 cycles that performance should last run after run, ride after ride. When it does need servicing, our Quick Service Product (QSP) Philosophy, ensures that you’ll spend less time in the work stand and more time on the trail.

With easy 3-position compression adjustment you can go from open to mid to firm at the touch of a lever. Backed with our PCS system to reduce cavitation you can instantly tune your ride to the terrain.
Open: Supportive but ready for big hits, varying terrain and downhills
Mid: Extra support for hard charging and undulating terrain
Firm: Efficient pedaling for roads, smooth climbing and big sprints

Take all the guesswork out of your suspension with easy 2 position on-the-fly adjustment. Whether you choose the fully open position to tame the terrain or the firm position for the utmost in pedaling efficiency the 2CR PCS cartridge has you covered.


  • PCS is a simple and repeatable way,
    to reduce cavitation (air and oil mixing,
    creating pressure, building bubbles)
    inside the cartridge which provides consistent and
    predictable damping performance at a WC DH level.
  • All parts can be disassembled and the
    system can be bled and re-assembled
    again without the use of special tools.
  • The PCS system in action. Jordan Sarrou in Leogang on his way to the XC World Champion 2020 title.