QSP - Quick service products

Refined simplicity is our guiding principle. »High performance made simple« is the foundation of every one of our developments. Our PCS cartridge system is fully synchronized with our approach to applying simplicity to our designs.  It not only aims to be technologically sophisticated but also to be user-friendly and low maintenance. Setup and maintenance are quick and easy and at a lower cost. All parts can be disassembled and the system can be bled and re-assembled again without the use of special tools. We call them QSP - Quick Service Products. Offering quick service and state of the art technology to our customers across all levels of riding is the philosophy behind QSP.

QSP is applied throughout our product line and here are some examples
  • Easy travel changes in both suspension forks and rear shocks
  • Integrated fenders
  • Sealed, fully serviceable cartridges
  • Minimal number of tools needed to service your SR Suntour products
  • Simple, clean and efficient lubrication with no messy oil bath
  • Faster and easier service than our competitors.
  • Lubrication/air burp valves on the Rux and Durolux for consistent runs
  • Easy to install air volume spacers to customize your ride for your terrain