gone for a ride

It is a long journey from concept to finished product for any single bike component. Every piece takes considerable planning, design, and testing before arriving to a shop or consumer. The advent of suspension made things particularly complex, though immensely rewarding for the quality and possibilities of the ride.

With over 30 years of experience producing suspension, SR SUNTOUR is proud to be continually evolving and innovating to provide the best possible value performance for the full spectrum of the cycling world. As this spectrum expands so does the reach, the lives affected, and the stories created. Getting people on bikes is the ultimate mission, which we hope and believe invariably improves the life of each rider. We are cyclists alike; it’s the shared experience that we truly rejoice in. Incorporating cycling into the daily routine or commute, or simply taking the time out of our busy lives to go for a bike ride, adds a richness to life that all riders experience for themselves. Creating the highest possible performance and value for all levels of cycling is the core philosophy behind REFINED SIMPLICITY. The final outcome are the meaningful experiences had by people all over the world.  At the end of the day, it comes down to the ride- the common experience we share as cyclists in the freedom of riding a bike. Pedal, descend, rip, flow, shred, send, and cruise- the ride is yours, the canvas is open. So gear up, saddle up, and flip the sign on the door, “Gone for a Ride.”

Quality Control 

We have a comprehensive, in-house quality control structure which stretches from basic material analysis to fatigue testing machines equipped with hydraulic servo arms and a three-dimensional measurement approach to precisely check the dimensions. Also state-of-the-art testing machines to evaluate the strength and performance of our products are in-house which guarantees a stable and dependable supply of high quality products.

Industrial health and safety

The guardianship of employees‘ health and the prevention of labor disasters are the duty of business management. Within the company, professional disaster prevention programs, occupational safety and health management systems, measures to prevent employees from taking risks related to health and hazards, management measures of hazardous materials and hazardous substances related to machinery, and regulations that protect workers‘ health and secure comfortable and healthy working environment. For the effective implementation of the occupational safety and health management, subject to external audit review of Lloyd‘s in 2015 and successfully imported OHSAS 18001 certificate.


Phenomena such as global warming and environmental pollution on a global scale have become a dangerous problem. Since our company obtained the ISO14001 certification, we actively involve ourselves in environmental-friendly production on a global and local scale. The bicycle itself is an environmental-friendly product, and contributes to a healthy and sustainable life.

Research & Development

We always start our approach to product developments by analysing the demands of our customers. At the same time we explore new materials, new technology to incorporate them into our new products. From the development stage to the finished product we always keep in mind the requirements given from the customers regarding quality, safety and price.


The WERX program is dedicated to develop and test high end suspension products. Athletes on this program come from different backgrounds and disciplines. The spectrum goes from short travel XC to World Cup DH and Big Mountain Freeride such as the Red Bull Rampage. They have one thing in common: They are all world class riders and testers. Thanks to their feedback from competitions, training and test sessions we developed the new R2C2 cartridge. The R2C2 cartridge allows a separate damper adjustment for high and low-speed for both compression and rebound. The DB3 testing machine showed us how accurately the new damper absorbs big and fast impacts. Tests in the lab need to be verified by field tests with our World Cup racers. And yes, under racing conditions we discover some limitations from time to time. Any discovery is like a lucky break that gives us the opportunity to improve the products. We appreciate the hard work from our WERX riders all over the world and all around the year, travelling from World Cup to World Cup or going back-country to places with no phone service and epic riding.


We are honored to be IMTTO Tech member