After World Championships the entire UCI World Cup circus made the long journey to Snowshoe, West Virginia for the final stop of the 2019 World Cup Series.

The newly built and wild DH track was the main topic of conversation in the first practice days. With its big jumps, very steep steeps, gnarly rock gardens, and even a bit of sprint pedaling, the course had all elements to make for superb racing. And nothing short of that happened; after the dust settled comments were immediately being floated calling this one of the best races ever for both men and women. For Tracey Hannah, that was certainly true. To secure the points to win the overall title she needed to only come in within the top 5, but with such a challenging course and the very high level of competition within the Women's Elite field, this was much easier said than done. After crossing the finish line she immediately looked back in anticipation for her time, seeing a 5th place finish- just enough to secure the series win! Then to be bombarded by her family and team in tearful celebration was a most incredible scene to witness. This is a huge accomplishment for Tracey after a long and hard fought season. It's also a huge accomplishment for the UR Polygon Team and SR Suntour.

The XCO races were predictably very high pace. The field of riders are faster, strong, and more skilled than ever, and with a much lower technically difficult course that at Mont-Sainte-Anne, it was sure to be a very fast pace. Jordan Sarrou, looking to gain points for the overall knew that he was going to have to have yet another gruelingly impressive performance to hang on to the lead riders. In the end he did just that, finishing within the top 10 and securing 3rd place in the overall XCO series. Also Max Brandl from Lexware Mountainbike Team was successfully, he finished in 3rd place and reached the 4th place in the overall under 23s XCO series.


A very exciting couple of weeks to finish the UCI World Cup race season. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication of our Werx riders and a special kudos to Tracey Hannah for her 2019 Women's Elite DH UCI World Cup Title. Special thanks to our World Cup Mechanic, Kevin Allemond for his skilled work and intense travel to ensure the very best suspension performance for our Werx athletes.