Company History


SR Suntour was established by Sakae Ringyo Company with a capital investment of 45,000,000 NT$ in Tokyo, Japan.


Established a factory and office with an area of 
11,000 m² at 7, Hsing Yeh Road, Fu Hsing Industrial Zone, ChangHua, Taiwan, and began manufacture of mid- to high-end aluminium bicycle components.


Office set up in Belgium.


Started producing suspension forks for Mountain Bikes.


  • Awarded ISO-9001 certificate.
Installed an automated like-motion press machine (500 ton) to produce cold. pressed sprockets and cogs.

  • Started producing Mountain Bike magnesium forks.


Installation of in-house 500-ton magnesium alloy die-forging machine for the production of magnesium MTB suspension forks, and began research and development of similar industrial products.


Awarded ISO-14001 certificate.


  • In the context of a governmental cooperation project Taiwan based bicycle suppliers launched the “A-TEAM” to promote their activities. SR Suntour was elected as one of the founding members and started with the “TPS” method.

  • Developed its first lock out system for suspension forks and started mass production.


  • Promotion of 5S activities.

  • First “A-TEAM” exhibition and congress carried out within SR Suntour.


  • Factory in Kunshan mainland China was established, starting with the production of transmission and drivetrain products.

  • SR Suntour Europe GmbH was founded in (Oberpframmern) Germany
  • Production start of the transmission system called “ICE”.

  • In all three factories in Taiwan, Shenzhen and Kunshan the ERP system “TIPTOP” was introduced.


  • Introduction of the „TOYO“ 500 tons magnesium die-casting machine.

  • Started the development of the V-BOXX internal gearbox transmission.

  • Coming from “A-TEAM” TPS method SR Suntour additionally started the “TQM” system.


  • Two “MAZAK”CNC tapping centers and another “TOYO” 650 ton magnesium die-casting machine introduced.

  • The V-BOXX wins the silver medal at the Eurobike design award.

  • Powder coating production line established at the Shenzhen factory.


  • Completion of the new building with 4,000 square meters over floors.

  • ntroduced a production line for aluminum stanchion tubes.
• Commenced sales of V-BOXX internal gear box.

  • Implementation of 4 “TOSHIBA” 350 tons aluminum die-casting machines at Shenzhen factory.

  • SR Suntour reaches a turnover of 40 billion yuan.


  • Chairman Kobayashi succesfully finishes the Tour de Taiwan (cycling around Taiwan) with the A-TEAM members.

  • Electric lock-out system development starts and the electric AXON-ELD goes on sale.

  • Introduction of suspension forks with Q-LOC thru-axle system. 

  • Introduction of the “AIDA” 650 tons automatic press machine (September).

  • Three new “TOSHIBA” aluminum casting machines of 350 tons and 500 tons introduced.


  • Started the development of electric assisted E-bike systems at the Kunshan Plant.

  • Developed a swing arm suspension fork and started selling the SWING-SHOCK fork.


  • Preparations started for going public in Taiwan.

  • Increase of capital to 500 million NT$.

  • Started to develop a bottom case made of carbon, the top-end model AXON-WERX carbon goes on sale.

  • Developed a new lightweight lockout cartridge, started selling AXON-RL-R, and EPICON-RL-R.


  • The newly completed factory in Kunshan goes operational in November.
  • Reached sales of 6 billion NT$ with the total SR Suntour group.

  • Women’s MTB athletes using the “AXON” full carbon fork suspension won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in London.


Start of the TWIN SENSOR E-BIKE components production.


  • Established SR Suntour France SAS.
  • SR Suntour is striding into the future of high-end products. Our own carbon manufacturing facility enables the production of the carbon hybrid bottom cases as well as the carbon crown.


Awarded OHSAS 18001 certificate.


  • Established SR Suntour Italy S.R.L.

  • HESC E-bike Components win TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2016.
  • Launch of the R2C2 and RC2 cartridges with the new PCS - Piston Compensator System.


SR Suntour (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. starts operation in June, 2017.


SR Suntour celebrating the 35th anniversary.