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AURON35 Boost

130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm
Speed, technical terrain and tough climbs, this is what Enduro and modern trail riding is all about. Now think about E-Mountainbike and you will get a glimpse about what our AURON fork is here for.
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Trial Detail

The AURON is back with the added strength of a 35mm stanchion chassis and the attitude of a well rounded trail fork. This is versatility expanded to longer climbs for never ending descents and everyday trail riding. The 160mm maximum travel is oriented for wide range of allmountain trail bikes, offering 27.5” and 29” and a variety of PCS cartridge options available. QSP design means that changing the travel between desired lengths is simple via snap-on internal spacers. The new Air EQ system, perfectly equalizes the rider's weight to the spring curve resulting in exact positioning and support. The Air EQ system creates a customized feel for each rider, optimizing proper sag and volume control in conjunction with the external damping adjustments of our sealed RC2 PCS damper cartridges. The result is a supple coil-spring feel in a lightweight, progressive and easy to adjust air-spring package. The AURON lives up to a high standard of durability, while designed for more nimble trail riding than its bigger siblings.


  • Equalizer (EQ) system
  • Air negative spring system

  • 35mm A7000 series triple butted stanchion
  • Detachable integrated short fender
  • 15x110 boost standard
  • Magnesium bottom case 
  • PCS - Piston Compensator System
  • RC2-PCS, RLRC-PCS, LORC-PCS cartridges
  • Air spring
  • 15QLC2Ti 110 axle
  • High Speed rebound
  • Post mount 180 direct
  • Fender mount
  • For 29ers: Offset 51mm / 44mm
  • Rider: Mick Hannah | Location: Crown Peak, New Zealand
  • Rider: Tracey Hannah | Location: Crown Peak, New Zealand
  • Rider: Mick Hannah | Location: Crown Peak, New Zealand
  • Rider: Alexandre Fayolle | Location: Crown Peak, New Zealand
  • Rider: Mick Hannah | Location: Crown Peak, New Zealand



    Floating on a magic carpet is the feeling we’re aiming for. Reducing the impact from the ground into your body is the first step. With the PCS as the foundation and completely new designed shim based high-speed compression and rebound circuits, our new R2C2 cartridge is progress in the right direction with our testing data providing proof. Simple, reliable, durable and easy service performance.

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    Q-LOC is our patented quick release system for thru axles fully deserving of the name "quick". Q-LOC 2 is the logical evolutionary step, guaranteeing 100% compatibility with all kinds of hub axle designs.

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