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160mm, 170mm, 180mm
Downhill performance disguised in Enduro costume! No matter if you´re particular about 27.5’’ or 29“wheels, the DUROLUX is pure bred Enduro racing and Freeride solution for everyone.
  • specs
    Steerer tube diameter
    160mm, 170mm, 180mm
    Right Side
    R2C2-PCS, RC2-PCS, RC
    Left Side
    Air spring
    A6000 series, Hollow forged
    Postmount 180mm Direct
    Steerer tube
    1.5"to1-1/8" tapered (CTS) Alloy
    starting from 2155g
    Stanchion tube finish
    A7000, Hard anodized Black
    ø20-110 20QLC
    Intended Use
    Enduro, Freeride
  • technologies
    • Hollow Crown

      Our lightweight forged hollow crown technology brings additional stiffness and keeps the weight down. It is 35 grams lighter than the solid crown. Our new one-piece hollow carbon upper saves again 120 grams towards the forged version.

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    • PCS

      Floating on a magic carpet is the feeling we’re aiming for. Reducing the impact from the ground into your body is the first step. With the PCS as the foundation and completely new designed shim based high-speed compression and rebound circuits, our new R2C2 cartridge is progress in the right direction with our testing data providing proof. Simple, reliable, durable and easy service performance.

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    • Q-LOC

      Q-LOC is our patented quick release system for thru axles fully deserving of the name "quick". Q-LOC 2 is the logical evolutionary step, guaranteeing 100% compatibility with all kinds of hub axle designs.

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  • service