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RUX38 Boost

To meet the demands of Red Bull Rampage, elite DH World Cup racing and all year round ripping the refined damper offers an improved oil flow for faster travel-recovery under ultra high-speed impacts.
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Evolution of Big Mountain

The evolution of the RUX continues to be a wild and exciting ride. Today’s RUX is bred from the many years of collaboration between our riders across the globe and the SR SUNTOUR team, leading to the development of a world class Downhill and Freeride suspension fork. Tried and true, the RUX’s list of accomplishments grows longer into 2020, with a consistent presence on World Cup Downhill and Red Bull Rampage podiums. Creating the most reliable, durable, and serviceable suspension on the mountain is what drives the evolution of the RUX. For riders seeking the biggest of big mountain lines, the progression of Freeride, or pushing the fastest time down the track, it is essential to ride with the confidence of an extra stiff 38mm stanchion chassis and fully-sealed R2C2 and RC2-PCS dampers. Whether it’s at the home tracks, traveling on a race circuit, hunting down new zones, or just going new places to ride, the ease of performing basic service and maintenance is a pillar of the QSP philosophy that enables riders and mechanics to confidently keep their forks dialed and ready for the next adventure.


  • Hollow crown
  • 38mm A7000 series triple butted
  • Detachable integrated short fender
  • Service ports
  • PCS - Piston Compensator System
  • R2C2-PCS / RC2-PCS cartridge
  • High Speed & low speed compression
  • Air spring
  • 20x110 boost standard
  • High speed & low speed rebound
  • Post mount 203 direct
  • Rider: Anthony Rocci, Louis Reboul, Nico Terrier | Location: La Mine, France
  • Rider: Tracey Hannah | Location: DH World Cup Lousa, Portugal
  • Rider: Jordy Scott | Location: Utah, USA
  • RUX World Tour 2019 | Rider: Alex Volokhov | Location: Pacific City, Oregon USA
  • RUX World Tour 2019 | Location: Pacific City, Oregon USA
  • Rider: Louis Reboul | Location: La Mine, France
  • Rider: Nico Terrier | Location: La Mine, France
  • Rider: Carson Storch | Location: Red Bull Rampage 2019, Virgin Utah, USA
  • RUX World Tour 2019 | Rider: Carson Storch | Location: Pacific City, Oregon USA
  • RUX World Tour 2019 | Rider: Olivier Cuvet | Location: Pacific City, Oregon USA
  • RUX World Tour 2019 | Rider: Olivier Cuvet | Location: Pacific City, Oregon USA



    Our lightweight forged hollow crown technology brings additional stiffness and keeps the weight down. It is 35 grams lighter than the solid crown. Our new one-piece hollow carbon upper saves again 120 grams towards the forged version.

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    Floating on a magic carpet is the feeling we’re aiming for. Reducing the impact from the ground into your body is the first step. With the PCS as the foundation and completely new designed shim based high-speed compression and rebound circuits, our new R2C2 cartridge is progress in the right direction with our testing data providing proof. Simple, reliable, durable and easy service performance.

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