Foto / Video Story


    Carson Storch & Kurt Sorge

    Words JP Gendron  | Photos Hoshi Yoshida 

In the moments before practice officially ended, the winds finally died down and Sorge lined up
his big feature on the upper portion of his line for the first time- a 25ft out, 65ft blind drop.
Over-shooting the knuckle by 30 plus feet, Sorge slammed the lowest part of the landing,
keeping control of his bike, but crashing hard to his side. To thankful awe of the bystanders,
Sorge got up, dusted himself off and continued down to hit the next big drop, then on to the
rider meeting at the last minute. After the jarring crash, Sorge wasn’t certain whether or not he
would be able to take his first of two competition runs. Sure enough though, he made his way
up to the start gate and stomped his first and only top-to-bottom run landing him 9th place

Carson’s effort and performance in 2018 made it clear that he fully intends to win this event.
His line build was dynamic, creatively twisting and flowing down this wild terrain. Watching
Carson’s composed style and steady confidence makes one think he’s just casually cruising
down the mountain. Though, his intense focus hidden beneath the full-face helmet maintains a
seriousness and dedication to his craft that has lead him to becoming one of the world’s best
Freeriders so early in his career. Pushing the limits of his line and abilities, Carson took two
hard crashes in his competition runs, including an over rotation on a massive 360 drop that
sent him tumbling hard over a small ledge, and dissolving his hopes of winning Rampage for
another year.

Once all is said and done, the culmination of weeks of planning and hard labor are suddenly
over. Everyone involved- riders, builders, organizers, photogs, mechanics, and spectators alike
are happy enough just to see everyone walk away safely. The riders take one last look up at
their creations of such exhaustive efforts knowing at least that they will return to the same
venue next year. The crowds disperse yet again in awe of the spectacular showcase of extreme
athleticism and creativity that is, Red Bull Rampage.